Tuesday, 25 October 2011

L'Eto Caffe

Dear Readers,
I have a confession to make. I cannot claim that I made the discovery of this cafe that has ricocheted into the Number Two spot in Silver Whimsy's Top Ten list of cafes across London. No, that accolade goes to my SIBF, as does the joy of Hipstamatic as demonstrated by these divine photos that actually do do justice to the indie lo-fi delights of the most extraordinary Soho cafe that is L'Eto Caffe ....
I love the fact that there is Astro-Turf on the window! I love the glass shop front for maximum cake gawping! And I also love the cakes themselves!
Whilst I am currently obsessed with 'English Muffins' owing to Madeleine's love of the aforementioned buttery delights in Eugenides latest 'The Marriage Plot', when faced with the option of muffins or Epicurean patisseries, the patisseries win out. I am yet to try many of the extraordinary array of cakes on offer at L'Eto, but those I have tried (raspberry mille feuille, cherry mille feuille and raspberry tarts) are up there with those of Maison Bertaux. (To new readers out there, this is the HIGHEST ACCOLADE WHIMSY HAS TO OFFER!)
There is something intensely life-fulfilling about sitting at a quasi-formica surfaced table, staring into the million layers of a cherry mille-feuille whilst gazing into the eyes of a SIBF replete with new hair cut and winter coat. When you add an extremely well chosen eclectic indie soundtrack, ridiculously attractive serving staff and ultra-cool clientele, you have basically the best cafe in London town.
Quasi formaica tables + super-shiny floors = epitome of lo fi cool.
I have not yet tried a Hazelnut and Honey Latte, but I intend to do so before the winter's out. I am yet to find out the secret recipe of 'London Hot Chocolate', but I have Spooks working on it as I type...
As you can see, detail is all at L'Eto. Where else can you drink a divinely silky, dreamily delicious cappuccino from such a beautiful cup? Sometimes their coffee comes in the most amazing glasses and, seeing as one of my most favourite things in the world is drinking coffee from a glass, this makes me very happy.
This is the cherry mille feuille. It is basically like eating a whole pot of cream. The cream is pillowy, cloud-like, and not at all over-whipped (which is one of my pet hates).
Next time you're in Soho and feel in need of an oasis of non-try hard indie cool amidst the fast paced life of Wardour Street head straight for L'Eto Caffe. You will not be disappointed!

Silver Whimsy x

PS Hipstamatic - quelle revelation!!!!