Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Ginger and Pumpkin Cupcakes

Dearest Readers,
It has been an age! I have been so busy I can't really describe, but now I am back...
And I'm baking!
Tomorrow eve there is a very exciting bake off happening. It's a Cigarette Burns Halloween special featuring an exclusive showing of every self-respecting indie girl's favourite Christian Slater film, and a lot of baking themed to afore-almost-mentioned film... I will report back with photographic evidence of the competition (!), but as a first post back, I just had to share my latest cupcake heaven discovery with you...

Above you can see the fabulously autumnal looking ingredients; Below you can see the cakes as they come straight out of the oven...


I thought I would give them a distinctly Halloween feel so went a bit...ummm...festive with the icing!

They are friendly skeleton pumpkins, don't worry!

Words can't describe the deliciously moist and subtly flavoured cakes this recipe produce; only eating them can do that!

The most super-ace part about it all is that you are left with a fabulous pumpkin to carve out in your favourite Jack O Lantern way. I was a bit inspired by Jack Skellington for mine. I can't wait for my SIBF to get in from work and sample my handiwork!

That's it for now but I will be back in a few days with tales of Slater...
Til then I will leave you with this;
"Are we were going to prom or hell..."

Silver Whimsy x